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Unifoil 13” & 14” G10 Tail Wing – Shank/Shiv/Shunt

Unifoil 13” & 14” G10 Tail Wing – Shank/Shiv/Shunt


Unifoil G10 Tail Wing 3-pack stabiliser SHANK/SHIV/SHUNT will change the way you ride forever.


New Unifoil Tail Wings (stabs) are finally here, designed by Clifford (Unifoil legendary designer) with the help of Tom Earl (Unifoil UK Team rider) from Newquay, Cornwall. These stabs were designed for pumping, reconnecting and carving – the aim was to provide maximum performance with added stability for wave riding, tow foiling, winging and kite foiling.

Each stab will give you a slightly different feel, so you might not love all 3 stabs immediately but we recommend you try them all. Some will work better for smaller waves and others will work even better when the waves are firing.

The good news is that you can buy only one stab depending on your choice.

Unifoil says:

Unifoil designer Clifford Coetzer has come up with a novel approach to stabilisers that lets you find exactly the right feel to suit your riding style. Using the same cutting-edge stabilizer outline, he has created three very different profiles for back-footed, neutral and front-footed riders. Take the outline that suits you and shim it according to the conditions.

Tail Wing specifications:

Each model is available in 13” (330mm) and 14” (355mm)

  • 13 suits lighter riders and more high-performance riding
  • 14 suits heavier riders (80 kg plus) or for increased pumpability

Included with your Tail Wing:

•  Choose from 1 stab of any size or buy the 3 pack (3 x 13” or 14” tail wings together)
• Modular design (all Unifoil stabs fit together, change stabs for different conditions)


Shank Backfooted Symmetrical 50/50 foil
Shiv Neutral Flat/ asymmetrical foil
Shunt Front footed Reflex/ inside foil



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