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Amos Shapes Bullet DW SUP (Advance)

Amos Shapes Bullet DW SUP - Advance

Amos Shapes Bullet DW SUP (Advance)


The Bullet is a true big ocean downwind board for advance riders


The Amos Shapes Bullet is a brain child of Zane Westwood and Amos collaboration. The Bullet is a superb high performance Downwind SUP that is extra long and super narrow. The idea behind it is to get early glide thank to its length but be super responsive under the foot when up and riding. Due to the generous volume, this board floats really nicely making sure that you can use it with both paddle and hand paddles.

If you are already an experienced in Downwind SUP than the Bullet was designed for you.

Amos Shapes say:

 The Bullet downwind foilboard has been designed with Amos Shapes team rider Zane Westwood and is a result of the quickly progressing sport of downwind foiling. This is your perfect progression from the Sultan.  It is for riders that want easier take-offs or to be able to paddle up smaller foils to match the conditions.

The board paddles through the water with minimal drag achieving faster speeds helping you get up onto foil earlier with efficiency and less effort.  The Bullet has a rounded hull bottom inspired by out rigger boats and surf skis. This helps direct water around the board with minimal friction. This also translates to less sticky take offs and touch downs. To minimise tail touch when pumping at lower speeds and take offs, we have pulled in the tail and added an exit rocker.

We would suggest going at least 8 inches longer than your size in a Sultan. The board length increases stability and makes up for the rounded bottom, which helps with paddling into the wind line.


  • Advanced downwind foilboard
  • 16” Tracks
  • Optional handle on deck
  • Foil Tec six-piece traction
  • Leash plug
  • Air vent
  • Lightweight wrapped carbon
  • Canoe like base
  • Reinforced rail to protect from paddle chips
  • Well balanced for downwind SUP


  • Specifically designed high density inserts for maximised strength where board connects to foil
  • We use Australian made EPS Foam and the best fibreglass, carbon and epoxy we can get our hands on.
  • Carbon vacuum bagged for strength
  • Air vent installation included
  • Amos Shapes only uses the highest quality materials available in order to build your premium foiling product.

Available in:

7’10 17 1/2 7 1/8 105l
8’4 19 7 5/16 125l
8’10 20 1/2 7 3/8 145l


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