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Appletree Appleslice v3 Wing Foil Board

Appletree V3 Appleslice wing board

Appletree Appleslice v3 Wing Foil Board


The Appleslice V3 Wing Foil Board is Appletree freeride and freestyle signature model and the cherry on top is that the V3 is reinforced with an extra layer of carbon 


The newly updated Appletree Appleslice V3 Wing Board has a longer and narrower profile making it perform even better compared to the V2 model. The Appleslice V3 has a shape that will work for any rider in any conditions.  It’s available in 7 sizes to accommodate beginners to advanced riders.

New starters will want to learn on a slightly bigger board, making it easier to get up and going. With a bigger board, it is also easier to cruise around in light wind. Intermediate and advanced riders will want a board with volume in litres around their body weight or slightly less for better control and ultimate freedom.

For custom orders the following charges apply – please email us first, if you wish to customise your board:

Extra colour – £50/ colour

Epoxy Swirl/ Board Art – £150

Full Custom Dims (including one colour free of charge)   – £200

Appletree says:

Appleslice V3: the most versatile wing foil board

Introducing the latest and greatest Appletree, The Appleslice V3, the most versatile wing foil board! Whether you’re ready to upgrade your ride, get your first board, or looking to fine tune your wave riding- and freestyle skills, the Appleslice V3 has what you need. From beginner to advanced rider the V3 is perfect for advancing your riding skills, it’s shaped for progression.

Key design features 

Narrow and longer! Plus better low wind performance. The optimised rocker ensures super easy touch downs and early planning. We keep this “long and narrow” theme  in the whole size range. So also with the bigger sized Slice’s, you can carve hard. Now also bigger riders can experience the same performance as lighter riders due to the finely tuned dimensions of each board in the size range.

This new version of the Appleslice draws inspiration from the faster Skipper downwind and wing models Appletree makes. These shapes are longer with a smoother bottom contour to help water flow more efficiently so the board reaches top speed quicker.

The bottom starts with a displacement hull design which forces the water to the sides. It helps the board come to the surface quicker in the low volume sinker sizes. After the displacement hull the bottom flows into a flatter middle section, which makes the Appleslice V3 much more stable than the Skipper boards.

We pulled up the hard rail edge much further up towards the nose which helps with water release and taking off in lighter winds. When you hit the wave with the rail of the board the Appleslice V3 hardly slows down. To further help with wave performance, the tail of the V3 is quite a bit narrower than the previous version, this helps with the ability to turn in waves.

The top rail has a small radius which gives it a nice wide platform on the deck, also this harder rail makes the board easier to grab.

Foil placement flexibility

The foil boxes in the Appleslice V3 are placed slightly forward and they feature the new Appletree’s long foil boxes for more foil placement flexibility.

Placing the foil further in the boxes balances the board out and reduces swing weight. This helps with tight turns on the wave and on flat water. Moving the foil further back makes it more stable. Plus it helps with controlling the lift of the foil better.

Including deck pad and inserts

The Appleslice V3 comes with comfortable pads with plenty of grip and a kick tail so you can feel where you are on the board. It has inserts in almost all imaginable positions. So you can fine tune your strap position to match your preference.

New on the V3 are the off-set positions for your back foot. This gives you more leverage over the foil mast and that really helps in toe side turns when trapped in.

Choosing your size

The Appleslice V3 comes in many sizes, from small and sinking 40 L to 60 L to higher volume boards up to 100 L and everything in between.

We recommend the smaller sizes for accomplished riders that are looking for the pinnacle of performance. These sizes also work really well as a crossover surf foil board and for use with an electric assist foil, like the Foildrive.

Going up in size, the volumes are sinkers for heavier riders and floaters for lighter riders. We have a long explanation video about which volume, sinking or floating, works best for which rider and weight range.

Finally the floating volume sizes are great for intermediate riders who are looking to progress their riding but still want the stability and security that a floating board brings. Experienced riders will find these boards incredibly good in light wind conditions as the low wind release is exceptional.




4’8” 20” 2.98” 40L
4’10” 20.75” 3.45” 50L
5’0” 21.5” 3.87” 60L
5’2” 22.” 4.24” 70L
5’4” 22.5” 4.60” 80L
5’65” 23.5 4.75” 90L
5.9” 24.0” 4.98” 100L








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