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Appletree Skipper Wing Foil Board

Appletree Skipper Wing Foil Board


Skipper Wing board is a fine-tuned wave machine with the highest performance in mind!


Appletree’s  Skipper Wing Board  is designed to provide advanced riders with the highest levels of performance while wing foiling. Constructed from a light and stiff core, this board offers excellent torsional rigidity and superior tracking. To further enhance its performance, the board features a low centre of gravity that give it unparalleled control and responsiveness. This makes it extremely easy to manoeuvre and perform the most advanced manoeuvres.

For lighter and more advanced riders, the Skipper Prone is perfect. The stock sizes range from 4’8 to 5’2 and include a capacity of 45L up to 75L in volume. This board has been specifically designed to be a sinker start board, so if you are looking for something that will provide more buoyancy the Slice V2 and the Jazz may be better options.

CUSTOM OPTIONS: please email us first, if you wish to customise your board

Extra handle on deck -£50

Extra colour, per colour – £50

Epoxy Swirl/ Board Art – £150

Full Custom, Size, Shape – £200

Appletree says:

Skipper concept

The Skipper wing is part of the Skipper concept of boards. 4 boards with the same design language, but tuned for the specific needs of each discipline.

The Skipper concept revolves around a new hull concept. The boards are thin throughout, giving a connected feel to the foil. Under the front foot, the bottom features a unique “bulge” that actually sits slightly lower than the foil box.

This bulge displaces water upon touchdown and it makes the board “skip” back up. Ideal for foam bashes and more radical wing foiling in the surf.

Tight turns in the pocket

The outline of the board is narrower and longer than the Jazz and the Slice V2. This makes the board still relatively easy to ride and the narrow tail especially makes it perfect for tight turns in the pocket and harder carves. Without the risk of the rail touching the water and slowing you down.

The bottom is fairly rounded and lacks a flat section. This makes the board harder to get to planing speed, but on the upside it releases better. The Skipper-wing is definitely not a beginner shape. It has been designed with the needs of experienced riders in mind.

Smooth transition

The teardrop shape, especially in the tail, makes the board release so well on touchdown and when you start to go on to foil, that you hardly notice the transition.

There is also more rocker in the boards bottom, while keeping the deck as flat as possible. This helps sticking landings and it forces the board up when starting up.



4’8” 20.0” 3.6” 45L
4’9” 20.5” 3.8” 50L
4’10” 21.0” 4.1” 55L
4’11” 21.5” 4.2” 60L
5’0” 22.0” 4.4” 65L
5’2” 22.5 4.7” 75L



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