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Hydrofoil Traction Pad | Medium | 9 Piece – Gunmetal Grey

Hydrofoil Traction Pad | Medium | 9 Piece – Gunmetal Grey


For Boards from 5’2” — 5’10
Medium / W = 430mm L = 105mm
30mm 4D vert kick for maximum grip and drive
Made with RTM-22™
High performance brushed 9 piece wide hydrofoil traction pad

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Classic shape for foil boards, wake surf and skimboards. Progressive performance.

Provides complete traction coverage for your foil board, eliminating wax mess and providing even greater traction. Includes tail pad, front pad + connector centre pad. The difference in between our Small – Medium – Large sets is size of the centre pads.

Sizes available to cover:
Small / W = 430mm L = 900mm | Boards 5’2” and smaller
Medium / W = 430mm L = 105mm | Boards from 5’2” — 5’10
Large / W = 430mm L = 117mm | Boards 5’10” and bigger

Our tail pads are made with RTM-22™ traction and feature a signature 4D flex kick (30mm) manufactured from MG-Matrix-40™. These feature a 45 degree incline (20mm) to vert (10mm) for maximum grip and drive through turns. These kick tails use a contrast in materials to allow for comfort under your foot along with maximum grip against the vertical wall section of the tail pad, during turns or airs.

RTM-22™ is a new brushed foam formula, meaning no diamonds or pyramids. This creates an even better board feel whilst still maximising grip. MG-Matrix-40™ is a polymer created by SurfDek specifically for the purpose of surfboard traction pads.

3M® high-grade adhesive.

Manufactured in the UK using premium marine-grade foam, polymers and adhesives.

No arch


Foot strap insert holes through centre


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