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Rocket Wing Board

Rocket Wing Board


The Rocket wing board is fun, durable and affordable.


Unifoil Rocket wing board is a quality built board that wont break the bank.

The Rocket generous volume and curvy outline making it a perfect all-rounder, perfect match for beginners and intermediate wing foilers alike.

The Rocket has a slight pulled in nose, double concave and a wide rounded squash tail that provide stability during take off. The foil box is positioned slightly forward making it a perfect fit for Unifoil high and mid aspect hydrofoils.

We are riding these boards since 2021 and they have proven to be tough, durable, stiff yet pretty light.  This board is a perfect fit for anyone want to freeride, learn to jump and or improve their freestyle skills.

5’0” 25 1/2” 4 7/8” 85L
5’3” 25 1/2”  4 7/8”  94L

• 20 kg EPS foam • Double stringer • PVC sheet tied to the deck for reinforcing inserts and foil track • Deck lamination: 6oz carbon layer, 3mm pvc sheet with another 6oz carbon layer • Bottom lamination: 2oz fiberglass, 2mm pvc sheet, 6oz carbon layer with two 6oz carbon patches over the foil track box • weight 6kg


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