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Amos Shapes Sultan Downwind SUP

Amos Shapes Sultan Downwind SUP.

Amos Shapes Sultan Downwind SUP


the Sultan is Foil Board Shop favourite DW SUP board. Are you ready for your next adventure?  Let the games begin!


The Amos Shapes Sultan is a dedicated downwind SUP foil board for open ocean voyages.  The added length with the narrow but not too narrow outline will work paddling with or without a paddle. Both Amos and UniFoil team riders are in love with the Sultan. It’s certainly, a good board to start with and will suit anyone who is new to the game of DW foiling.

Amos Shapes say:

The Sultan is our new downwind SUP model and is a great downwind board for SUP and prone. Featuring a longer profile for stability, the length compensates and allows for its narrowness.

The higher volume of this board assists the rider in getting more glide on the surface of the water. The paddle speed of the Sultan is fast, meaning you can get up on foil earlier and easier.  This fast paddle speed also allows the rider to choose smaller foil wings resulting in faster speeds when up and foiling.

Once up on foil the board is designed to be stable, the swing weight and length of the board assist in carrying the speed through to the next bump. This flow allows for greater efficiency when connecting swells.

The Sultan is user-friendly and is a great starting point for your downwind SUP journey.

These boards are designed and built in Australia to be the lightest and highest quality boards.

Sultan features:

  • 16” Tracks
  • Optional handle on deck
  • Foil Tec six-piece traction
  • Leash plug
  • Air vent
  • Lightweight wrapped carbon
  • Teardrop outline
  • Reinforced rail to protect from paddle chips
  • Well-balanced for downwind SUP and prone paddling
  • Weight 5.5kg – 6.5kg depending on options and construction


Available in:

7’2 9.5 6 5/16 110L
7’8 20.5 6 3/8 125l
8’2 21” 6 9/16 140l


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