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Unifoil Progression 800 Mast

Unifoil Progression 800 mast

Unifoil Progression 800 Mast


A super stiff mast for ultimate performance!


The Unifoil Progression mast was designed to be even stiffer than the Katana which really comes alive in the surf 1 to 3 ft range.  The 800mm is a perfect size for beginner to advance and we feel that the need for a 750mm mast is the thing of the past.

The Progression mast will get your pumping to the next level and due to the vertical leading edge it can be ridden further back in the box for an even surfier feel.

Unifoil says:

The leading edge of the mast is vertical, and the bottom 40% does not taper, so you have an incredibly reliable foil section in the water during turns, creating consistent and confident movement. We’ve found we can push harder through our turns with increased flow. The baseplate has been redesigned completely compared to the Katana.  The bolts are set closer which allows for more forwards placement in the tracks. 1.2 inches in mast position is gained. The baseplate is tapered at the mast connection, additionally reducing initial drag on take-offs or touchdowns.

The Progression mast features:

  • Stiffer Design/ more control and pump power transfer
  • Tapered Baseplate/ reduced drag
  • Vertical leading edge – consistent through turns
  • Tapered trailing edge
  • Increased efficiency high on the mast
  • Designed for High Aspect range

Bolts sold separately


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