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Unifoil Progression (complete)

Unifoil Progression (complete)


‘One wing to rule them all’ – 2023 hottest release, the Progression wing with super low stall speed means it glides as long as your leg can hold



The Unifoil’s Progression wing is a perfect choice if you’re looking for the ultimate foil wing to explore a variety of conditions – one foil for all foil discipline

Whether you’re learning to foil or just looking to improve your overall riding skills, the Progression wing is guaranteed to make it happen.

What makes the Progression wing such a user-friendly wing is the low stall speed, allowing learning at ease and progression with confidence. With its unique design and construction, the progression wing has an insane ability to pump, carve and glide effortlessly.

200 Progression has the most amount of glide and effortless pumping. This wing is the ultimate wing for dock start, ankle high waves, light wind winging and light wind SUP downwinding.

170 Progression wing is designed for small waves and light wind but still carve like a shortboard would. This wing will help  you to connect more waves than any other wings.

140 Progression is everyone favourite wing with superb speed and control. If you are after a one wing quiver for both proning and winging than the 140 Progression is what you need.

125 Progression has exceptional stability at high speed and its super efficient making it perfect to keep up with any bumps. This foil perfect for both Proning, Winging and Downwinding

What’s included with the Progression

• Hyper Front Wing, 3 pack G10 Tail Wings, Mast, 2Bolt Split Fuselage
• Padded wing and mast covers
• Padded travel bag
• 1 Year Warranty on all parts (Gold Standard Carbon Construction)
• Modular design (change wings and masts easily for different conditions)

Unifoil say:

Erik Antonson: I wanted to design a foil to maximize fun in weak conditions, everyday Florida. Insane pump and glide without giving up roll or turning. Easy to ride so I could focus on surfing not managing stability. The 170 Progression accomplished those goals and the bonus is that those traits also excel in downwind and on the wing. I’m spending 80% of my time on foil on the 170.

The 170 pump and glide was surprising compared to other foils in that range. So I asked Cliffy if we could do a smaller version for better surf. This became the 140 Progression. It pumps like other 170s but surfs much smaller. I ride the 140 from waist to head high surf or epic downwind, runner or wing sessions. The 200 was designed to increase the low end of the 170 and the 125 was created to beat the top end of the 140.


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