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Vayu AURA Wind Wing

Vayu AURA Wind Wing


Unleash the force of nature with VAYU AURA the ultimate wave riding machine



The Vayu AURA  was designed by foil surfers with surfing in mind. Every little detail on this wing was engineered to maximise comfort, increase performance and maximise your time for wave riding.  The AURA is light, balanced and well-behaved its just sits there allowing the rider to concentrate on their riding.

The Vayu AURA comes supplied as standard with two different handles set up – soft handles and solid boom handles. The 5m is only 2.6kg with the solid boom handles.

The wing has a great wind range making it perform in both light and strong wind. After testing the AURA we prefer the solid boom handles which provide a more direct feel due to the added stiffness making the wing fast and efficient. The boom system allows the rider to shift their hand into the right place without letting go of the wing at any time – making this wing the perfect ”high-performance wave wing”.

What’s included:

  • Bag, wind wing, soft & solid handles, wrist leash, quick repair kit
  • Inflation is recommended up to 7 PSI

VAYU say:

Introducing the new AURA VAYU lightweight wing, perfectly balanced, built for effortless floating behind you. Featuring our proprietary centre strut design which offers you the most control over the wing when needed. Side or rotational movements are eliminated since the handles are firmly locked into the Center strut. Being super light and balanced, this AURA will float and basically disappear when riding a wave. The soft and forgiving Frame will help you stump new tricks with ease.

Aura features

  • High-performance wave wing with great drift ability
  • High-balanced and neutral in your hands and when free winging
  • Lightweight
  • Includes 2 x soft handles that are easy to exchange for the boom system (included in the package)


Available in:

2.3m 22-45
2.8m 22-40
3m 18-36
4m 14-36
5m 12-25
6m 9-12






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