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Vayu VVing V3 Wind Wing

Vayu VVing V3 wind wing

Vayu VVing V3 Wind Wing


Whether your focus is freeride, riding open ocean waves or freestyle tricks, the VVING V3 does it all.



Behold the VAYU VVing V3 wind wing, the latest addition to the wing foiling world that is set to revolutionize the way we ride. Say goodbye to struggling with underpowered or overpowered winds, as this unique blend of control and drive, the VVing V3, handles it all with ease.

The V3 Designed for the freeride & Freestyle enthusiast, the V3 is a game-changer that will take your wing foiling experience to the next level.

Crafted with cutting-edge technology, the V3 boasts advanced features that make it one of the fastest and most responsive wings on the market. The secret lies in its shorter wingspan, which makes it extremely playful, offering experienced riders the ability to unlock new freestyle tricks, while providing beginners with a much more forgiving wing that won’t hit the water as often. Its exceptional performance and innovative design will make your ride smoother, faster, and more exhilarating. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to dive deep into the world of wing foiling with this cutting-edge wing!

What’s included:

Bag, wind wing, wrist leash, and quick repair kit.

Rigid strut frame design with high canopy tension for exceptional wind range, upwind performance, speed and air-time.

Single point inflation system with large diameter inlet/outlet hose for rapid inflation and deflation. Bayonet-style inflation valve compatible with most pumps. No adapter is needed.

Two middle strut Inflation hoses on each side of the middle strut provide a high rate of airflow for quicker setup and deflation. The two connections also hold the bladder in place preventing failure when inflating.

Available in:

Based on Rider: 75kg – 1500cm2 foil

3.5m 18-35
4.0m 15-32
4.5m 12-28
5.0m 10-25
5.5m 8-22
6.0m 7-20

VVing V3 features:

  • Lighter construction 4.0 = 1.98 kg + 0.250 kg. (Carbon Handles) / 4.0 = 1.98 kg + 0.10 kg. (Soft Handles)X-Ply windows Lighter, Stiffer, No deforming in cold/warm weatherCarbon Handles

    Exchangeable Soft / Rigid Handles

    Shorter Wingspan for enhanced manoeuvrabiltiy & rotations.

    Flat & stiff trailing edge resulting in faster performance.

    New Vayu Segmented-Slim-Strut design.

    New SUP valve

    Premium Teijin Canopy







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