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Unifoil Vyper (complete) 90/130/150/170/190

Unifoil Vyper (complete) 90/130/150/170/190


The Vyper is the combination of drive, glide and tight turns. Undoubtedly the Vyper will push your foiling to the next level – one wing that does it all!


The Unifoil Vyper is the perfect choice for UK waves, a true ‘all in one surf foil’ that suits prone foiling and winging.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the sport or ride like a pro – you will be guaranteed to be stoked on the Vyper!

According to @misterbennett  – ‘’Whether you’re brand new to foiling, or a seasoned veteran, this stable, lightning-fast, manoeuvrable wing, will elevate your performance in the surf rapidly. It really is the best of both worlds, pumping like the HYPER, but carving like the VORTEX’’

The Vyper is available in 5 sizes

  • Vyper 190 – 1225 cm2 – The largest in the range is aimed for the bigger riders at 80kgs+, or riders for waves 0,5-3ft, dock start, wing and kitesurfing in light wind
  • Vyper 170 – 1096cm2 – Probably going to be the favourite size if you already have your foiling legs and are looking to progress. Recommended for riders from 70kgs + for waves 2-5ft, winging  and kitesurfing in light to moderate wing
  • Vyper 150 – 967cm2 – For the smaller rider 60kgs+, or for the bigger guys for waves 3-6ft, winging and kitesurfing in moderate to strong wind
  • Vyper 130 – 838cm2 – Suited for the younger riders or lightweights, but will be used by many riders of bigger weights for bigger surf, tow-in foiling, winging and kitesurfing in strong wind
  • Vyper 90 – 580cm2 – The smallest, suited for the younger riders or lightweights, 50kgs, or med to large waves tow, wind winging and kitesurfing in strong wind

What’s included with the Vyper

  • Vyper Front Wing, Tail Wing, Mast, Split Fuselage
  • Tool kit (board mounting, Titanium T-Bolts and T-Nuts, screws, 3 shim and stainless hardware )
  • Padded wing and mast covers
  • Padded Travel Bag
  •  1 Year Warranty on all parts (Gold Standard Carbon Construction)
  • Modular design (change wings and masts easily for different conditions)
  • Please note: Titanium T-Bolts are sold separately and only compatible with Gen3 Masts

Unifoil says:

What do you get when you mix a Hyper with a Vortex? Introducing the Vyper. Designed by Adam Bennetts & Clifford Coetzer in search of the ultimate all-around surf foil, the Vyper was born. A cross between the Vortex and the Hyper. We took the best attributes of each model. The carve and ease of turning of the Vortex, and the ease of pump and efficiency of the Hyper. This is the one foil to rule them all.

After many prototypes, and many hours of testing various aspects of the foil by our top team riders Adam Bennetts and Dylan Wichmann, everything from the wingspan to the thickness of the foil was experimented with, until the best setup for speed, glide, and performance was chosen. A span that is wide enough to create enough lift, but not too wide to make turning difficult. Just enough down-sweep on the tips to loosen the foil up, but not lose efficiency. Just enough thickness in the profile to generate lift, but not create too much drag.

If you love to rip on the wave and want to take your foiling to the next level, from high-speed carves to ping down the face and hitting hard G forces, the Vyper will be sure to bite. If there is only one model you need to own, it’s the Vyper!


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